Business opportunities on the waterfront

The regeneration of the Clyde is raising the profile of the area as a world class location offering developers, investors and businesses enormous opportunity and potential. the information in this section is designed to help new, existing and relocating businesses find the support and assistance they need.


Commercial and Residential Property

Altogether, Clyde Waterfront is based on the sustainable development and renewal of more than 700,000 m2 of land - much of it has already been developed for commercial, residential and leisure purposes and new schemes are in the pipeline as renewal plans gather pace.  Commercial property in Glasgow and residential developments down the length of the Clyde continue, despite the current economic downturn.


Relocating to the Waterfront

As the scale of our project grows, more opportunities for future development are emerging on a regular basis. This makes the waterfront an dynamic and exciting place for businesses to consider relocating. The value of investment linked to Clyde Waterfront has grown significantly and is currently estimated as £5 - 6 billion. Relocation support and Inward investment assistance are available to to companies considering the Clyde Waterfront as their new home.



As many as 50,000 new jobs could be created in the Clyde Waterfront area as a result of the regeneration. One of the key aspects of successful regeneration is to ensure that existing communities benefit from the investment so we've gathered together the relevant information on jobs and training. We want to ensure that it makes good business sense for new businesses to employ local staff. As new jobs are created, training opportunities are being made available so that local people can benefit from the employment and buying opportunities.