Business flowing into the area

With the pace of development along the Clyde, the business opportunities in the area are extraordinary. Land along the river is being reclaimed. Vast tracts of waterfront are being transformed into places where new businesses can develop and grow.

Over the last decade, hundreds of companies have chosen to relocate in the Clyde Waterfront area. New facilities for business relocation are constantly developing right along the 20km stretch of river. Since the Clyde Waterfront project was launched in 2003, £2.8m sq ft of business and office space has been created. The first phase of a waterfront business park is complete  at Riverside Braehead, and the Glasgow Harbour commercial district, currently at the planning stages, will provide high quality office accommodation in a beautiful new urban setting close to the river. In Clydebank, new business units are available at John Knox Street  and the Enterprise Pavilion in the Queens Quay Enterprise District is available to provide office accommodation for small businesses.

In the city centre, the development of the International Financial Services District (IFSD) is attracting new business to Glasgow all the time. The massive project is on target to create 2 million ft2 of  new office accommodation and around 20,000 new jobs. 

Tourism, leisure and shopping are all contributing to the growth of business in the area. New businesses are bringing a prosperity and a positive attitude to the area.