Regenerating communities

People and communities are right at the heart of the regeneration of the Clyde. As the waterfront is transformed into a vibrant and dynamic place to live and work, local communities will reap the benefits.

An estimated 50,000 new jobs will be created as businesses relocate in the area, with 17,000 already created since 2003. 6,000 new houses have already been built in the area.

New integrated transport links will make travel easier and provide important links between new businesses and existing communities.

The vision is for the river and both its banks to become places where people choose to spend their leisure time. Sailing, rowing and other activities will develop on the river, while a network of green spaces and paths will bring people down to the river’s edge. The heritage of the riverside is being made more accessible and the Clyde Waterfront Heritage guide provides information about places to visit.

Along both sides of the river, existing communities will be transformed and new communities created. Community based projects reflect the drive and enthusiasm of local people to get involved, with consultation providing a means of reflecting local opinion.