CGAP Housing Projects

  • Family terraced housing at Harhill Street
  • Homes now occupied at Riverside Edge
  • The rear of Golspie Street apartments

Other Partners: Govan Housing Association, Elder Park Housing Association, Bield Housing Association, Clydeview Housing Partnership, Glasgow City Council

Project History
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  • Refurbishment complete at Govan Road & Rathlin Street
  • New housing at Harhill Street
  • New housing at Harhill Street
  • Completion of Riverside Edge development
  • Orkney Street Gateway
  • Completion of Pearce Lane
  • Completion of Pearce Lane
  • Golspie Street apartments in Govan
  • Detail of Golspie Street
  • Garmouth Street, Govan


Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour, Govan


There are 9 sites which have been developed as mixed tenure residential development through Central Govan Action Plan. 7 of those siteswere completed by  2012 and will provide 508 new homes for over 1,800 people - a population boost that will bring new spending power and vitality to Govan town centre:

At a total cost of £68 million, over 4.8ha of derelict land is now being transformed into desirable contemporary housing fit for 21st century inner-city living.  New homes for rent and for sale including part ownership will be provided to ensure a range of housing options are available for those who wish to rent or buy their own home, particularly if the household income is low. Similarly, a range of housing styles and design will be available: flats, houses, a mix of bedroom sizes and layouts, and also wheelchair accessible housing.

Future developments are planned on two sites at Water Row and Napier Road/Govan Road. Glasgow City Council will issue a master plan development brief for wide community and stakeholder consultation to guide the future development of Water Row. This site represents the historic heart of Govan, and this fact alongside the site's waterfront location and large size, makes it the pivotal site in terms of Central Govan's successful regeneration.

The Water Row site is earmarked for a future mixed use development and is currently owned by City Property (Glasgow) LLP.

Glasgow Housing Association has also invested £6m in its Riverside Estate.

Current status:

New build site starts began in 2009 and were completed in 2012.


2008 onwards