Jobs across the sectors

A major theme in the Clyde Waterfront news section over recent months has been the creation of new jobs in a whole variety of business sectors, up and down the river. We’ve brought together some of the most significant stories to illustrate how employment remains buoyant, despite continuing economic uncertainty. 23 May 2011

Construction leads the way

Some of Scotland's biggest construction projects are happening right now in the Clyde Waterfront area, providing a boost to a sector hit hard by the recession. A total of 2500 construction jobs will be created as the New South Glasgow Hospital takes shape. The £842m build got underway at the beginning of the year. Brookfield Construction, the main contractor, is taking an approach to recruitment which will benefit the local community; one of their targets is that 10% of the total workforce should be new entrants into the construction industry.

Local people benefit from South Glasgow Hospital jobs

During February, construction began on the SECC National Arena, which is set to become  one of the world's top 5 arenas. Around 3000 construction jobs will be created in the course of the project which is scheduled for completion in 2013.

Bovis Lend Lease to build SECC National Arena

Braehead and city centre focus for retail jobs

Capital Shopping Centre's expansion plans will bring a much needed boost to jobs in the Renfrew area. Capital Shopping Centres are still to announce the expected number of construction and retail jobs which this £150m expansion will create. During 2010, around 900 jobs in the Braehead area were forecast, including retail jobs at a new Dobbies Garden Centre, Primark and Sainsburys.

Braehead shopping centre set for extension

In the city Centre, the growth of the St Enoch Centre has been a major focus for retail jobs. In 2009, 700 new jobs were predicted as the centre expanded and already, over 500 have been created.  Throughout the process the St Enoch Centre has worked with Scotland's leading employment and regeneration agencies to ensure that local people benefit from the jobs on offer through the St Enoch Working Initiative.

The people behind our hotels

A number of new hotels have been proposed in the area in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games. Back in the autumn, a refurbished Grand Central Hotel opened its doors, the result of the hard work of 200 construction jobs. To open, the hotel recruited 150 new employees.

Another recently opened hotel in the area is Hotel Indigo, a boutique hotel in Waterloo Street, which opened at Easter with around 100 employees. The ornate Victorian building was originally a power station, but is now being refurbished as upmarket accommodation.

Hotel Indigo recruiting 100 staff

Financial services a city centre success

The highly successful International Financial Services District has attracted inward investment to the city over the last decade with 16,000 jobs created since 2001.

One recent example  in Glasgow's "Wall St" district, Scottish and Southern Energy have moved into new premised at One Waterloo Street, relocating 200 jobs from elsewhere in the city, and expecting to create around 150 new jobs over the next year, with more in the years to come.

Power company brings city centre jobs boost

The long-running ship building story

Once the mainstay of jobs in the area, shipbuilding continues to be an important source of employment in the 21st century; 3600 are employed between the BAE yards at Govan and Scotstoun.  Current projects include construction of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first of two aircraft carriers being built for the Royal Navy. With build work underway at six shipyards across the country, this is one of the biggest engineering projects in the UK today. BAE Systems recently announced their latest graduate recruitment programme, an important element in their continuing search for the best engineers.

Search on for Clyde Engineers


Strong opportunities at Lomondgate

Downriver at Dumbarton, the successful Lomondgate development is creating much-needed jobs across a number of sectors. David Hastings, Chief Executive of Strathleven Regeneration Company says, "It is nearly 11 years since the J&B bottling plant closed with a loss of 470 jobs in the area and one of our aims is for the Lomondgate development to create or save at least that number of jobs.  With around 400 people employed making River City and other productions at BBC Scotland's studios, 45 new jobs created by Whitbread's recently opened hotel and pub/restaurant development and 230 jobs to be saved and created by the development of Aggreko's new manufacturing facility which will open later this year, we are now in sight of this target, with more jobs to come as Lomondgate Services and Lomondgate Business Park develop."

Jobs and regeneration

When Clyde Waterfront launched in 2003, the  prediction was that around 50,000 jobs would be created over the 20 - 25 years of the regeneration project. Since the start of the project around 20,000 jobs have already been created. The thousands of new jobs which are continuing to appear in the area are a strong indication that regeneration is taking hold and benefiting the people who live and work along the Clyde.