Clyde Arc at Pacific Quay

Clyde Arc

The Clyde Arc bridge provides a transport link between Pacific Quay and the SECC, an important new road bridge across the river and a symbol of regeneration for the city.

The corridor between the SECC and the city centre has undergone considerable improvements  to ensure this area is well connected with other sections of the waterfront.

By improving the infrastructure Pacific Quay ihas become more accessible and better integrated with other riverfront communities.

Pacific Quay & SECC / Infrastructure

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Project Name District Category Status
Anderston Quay Finnieston Infrastructure, Public Amenity Planning
Bell's Bridge Pacific Quay Infrastructure Construction
Clyde Arc SECC Infrastructure Completed
Lancefield Quay Finnieston Infrastructure, Public Amenity Planning
Pacific Quay pontoon Pacific Quay Infrastructure, Public Amenity Completed
Springfield and Anderston pedestrian and cycle footbridge with pontoons Springfield Infrastructure Planning