Langlands Path

  • Langlands Path is now complete
  • The new cycle path in Govan is finished
  • Langlands Path is ready for cyclists

Lead Partner: Elderpark Housing Association, Central Govan Action Plan

Other Partners: CSpace (Glasgow's Regeneration Agency)

Project Team: MAST Architects

Project History
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  • Langlands Path
  • Langlands Path
  • Langlands Path, Govan
  • Work starts on Langlands Path
  • Langlands Path under construction
  • Langlands Path under construction
  • Langlands Path is ready for cyclists
  • The new cycle path in Govan is finished


Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour, Govan


Langlands Path is the key pedestrian walkway linking Govan town centre with residential areas and key services, such as the library and health centre, in the west. Elderpark Housing Association completed very successful short term upgrade to improve the attractiveness and feeling of safety on the path. Major upgrade works which followed were part of the Central Govan action plan to create an appealing walking and cycle route that improves accessibility to and from the town centre. The upgrade is now complete.

Natural stone entrance ways at either end of the path defines the space and a series of engraved stone slabs, each depicting an aspect of Govan's rich history and character, have been placed along the length of the path. Existing diseased trees have been replaced with suitable alternatives and new lighting, planting, benches and bins complete the improvements.

Artist Kate Robinson created a timeline for Langlands Path which celebrated Govan's extraordinary history. The project involved gathering stories from local people. Find out more about the  public art project on Facebook.

Improvement works were developed in consultation with the local community.

Keep up to date with what's happening in the area on the Get into Govan website.

Current status:

Short term upgrade works carried out in 2009. Major upgrade works took place in 2013  incorporating artwork based on a timeline of Govan's history.


April - September 2013



  • Artwork for Langlands Path