Artwork for Langlands Path

29 Feb 2012

As part of an upgrade to Langlands Path, new artwork has been commissioned, based on a timeline of Govan.

The designs were produced by MAST Architects based on original art by Kate Robinson who was commissioned by CGAP. The proposal is the create pictorial panels made from hard anodised aluminium, set in contreate to create a tough resistent surface so that the designs can be walked on.

The imagery is based on themes from Govan's history.

Elderpark Housing Association is co-ordinating the path improvement works which are likely to cost are £500,000 and are funded by CGAP, Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Housing Association.

Improvement works are planned during the summer, starting in June.

Elderpark Housing Association and Central Govan Action Plan are hosting an event to exhibit new art work for Langlands Path. Members of the public are invited to pop in to Elderpark Library on 1 March 2012 between 5pm and 7pm where they can see drawings of the timeline.

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