North Renfrew flood prevention scheme

  • Renfrew Harbour walls under construction
  • Flood prevention works are complete in the vicinity of the Ferry Village apartments

Lead Partner: Renfrewshire Council

Project Team: Renfrewshire Council Roads Division (Design Services) C A Blakewell Ltd (Phase 1 contractor)


Project History
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  • Flood prevention works are complete in the vicinity of the Ferry Village apartments
  • Flood prevention measures at Ferry Village


Renfrew Riverside & Scotstoun, Renfrew


Renfrewshire Council are creating a flood prevention scheme in accordance with the Flood Prevention (Scotland) Act 1961.

Phase 1 of the work  involved the construction of flood embankments and retaining walls as well as the diversion of the Mill Burn culvert. The embankments have been created between the Scottish Water sewage pumping station off North Lodge Road and Meadowside Street/Neil Street.

In addition, ramping of Ferry Road to the north of the junction with King's Inch Road has been introduced to provide initial flood protection and halt progress of flood waters into premises surrounding Canal Street and the town centre.

Phase 1 creates a 1 in 10 year level of flood protection.

Phase 2 involves the dredging of 10,000 tonnes of sediment from the river's bed before the foundations are laid for the new pumping station.

Phase 3 will see the creation of a pumping station in the vicinity of Primrose Quay. This will ensure that the waters of the Mill Burn and surface water run off in the northern part of Renfrew, will be discharged into the River Clyde at times of moderate or high river levels - decreasing flood risk from these sources.

Once Phase 3 is complete the area will have a 1 in 200 year level of flood protection.

Current status:

Phase 1 work is now complete. Phase 2 completed 2011. Phase 3 planned to start 2014.


2008 - 2015


Approx £10 million