Lyceum Cinema

Plans are developing to refurbish and reinstate the former Lyceum Cinema in the centre of Govan.

  • The Lyceum in Govan
  • The Lyceum in its heyday

Lead Partner: Lyceum Regeneration Ltd

Project History
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  • The Lyceum in Govan
  • The Lyceum in its heyday


Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour, Govan


The vision for the Lyceum in Govan is to create a multifunctional centre for media and communications and arts venue.

The existing 500 seat cinema would be reinstated as a multicultural movie house catering for Glasgow's multi ethnic audiences as well as mainstream Hollywood classic and modern movies.

The former Bingo hall which closed in 2006 would become a multi-purpose events area catering for a wide range of events, from weddings and banquets to music events and conference.

There are also plans for a Hollywood-esque restaurant.

Within the building there is a vast amount of unused space. Ultimately this could be tranformed into film and arts training areas for new talent and links would be established with educational institutions to achieve this.

Find out more about the project on the Lyceum Regeneration Facebook page.

Current status:

The project is currently in the early stages, with talks taking place with GCC, Historic Scotland and Creative Scotland on partnerships and Funding initiatives to help make this project  a reality.

A funding application has been made to GCC Heritage and Design. This would start the project by providing funds to repair the external fabric of the building. Decision expected April 2011.