Govan flood management

  • Govan quayside from river

Lead Partner: Glasgow City Council

Other Partners: Govan Housing Association


Project History
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Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour, Govan


A detailed River Clyde flood management strategy has been prepared by Glasgow City Council. This identified early action areas where improvements to flood defences are required. One of these areas is the quay at Wanlock Street, a residential area east of the Govan shipyard. Consultation is in progress on the following proposals.

Flood defences
Flood defences are required in this location, as there is a requirement to protect to a design flood defence level of 5.95m AOD. This level provides for a flood event of 0.5% annual probability (1 in 200 year), taking into consideration climate change and freeboard. The flood defence will be achieved through folding demountable defences which will be incorporated into the hard landscape design of the area.

Quay wall stability
A visual assessment of the quay wall at Govan Wharf concluded that there will be a requirement to provide remedial works in relation to the quay wall and revetment in this location. It is proposed to address the ongoing structural and maintenance issues with the existing riverside wall and revetment structure by the introduction of a new tied sheet pile wall, built in front of the existing wall structure. The new sheet pile wall is designed to allow the abandonment of the existing revetment and for it to be allowed to deteriorate/erode over time without effecting the stability and integrity of the new wall.

Public realm
Improvements to the walkway and public realm are proposed at Govan Wharf to ensure a continuous link with the River Clyde walkway. Open space will be located at the front of the residential area, naturally extending the garden areas of the properties whilst acting as a buffer between the houses and the riverside walkway. The Project will link to the redevelopment of Water Row which is part of the Central Govan Action Plan.

Hard and soft landscape elements will be sited at key points to provide a semi-private feel to the area. This will ensure the privacy of residents within the area is respected and pedestrians are guided towards Govan town centre.

The provision of lighting will provide a sense of safety within the area and can be used as a mechanism to guide the pedestrian along a particular path.

Current status:

Proposals are contained within the Rivers Edge Treatment Report currenty at draft stage.