2014 Commonwealth Games Murals

  • Mural on the north bank, under the Kingston Bridge

Lead Partner: Glasgow Community and Safety Services

Other Partners: Land and Environmental Services

Project History
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Glasgow City Centre, IFSD


As part of the Clean Glasgow Campaign, to promote a cleaner and brighter Glasgow, Glasgow Community and Safety Services commissioned the Australian artist, Sam Bates, to paint various murals in 3 locations around the city centre.

The murals are a celebration of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and are sited under the Kingston Bridge at Springfield Quay, next to the Renfrew Ferry and under the Central Station Rail Bridge at Custom House Quay.

They have all been treated with a special "anti graffiti" coating which will allow them to be easily cleaned without any damage to the murals themselves.

Current status:

Completed during 2009.



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