Clyde Gate - Change House

  • Aerial view of Clyde Gate
  • The new commercial are at Clyde Gate
  • Change House at Clyde Gate

Lead Partner: Clydebank re-built

Other Partners: Scottish Enterprise, West Dunbartonshire Council and Golden Jubilee NHS Trust

Project Team: Austin Smith Lord - Masterplanning


Project History
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  • 'change' by artist Hill Jephson Robb at Clyde Gate
  • Change House under construction
  • Construction underway for first pavilion
  • Detail of Change House
  • Completion of Clyde Gate
  • Enjoying the new public realm areas at Clyde Gate


Clydebank & Erskine, Hospital Gate


Clyde Gate lies at the southern end of Agamemnon Street and stretches down to the river. The site is bounded on one side by the Cable Depot Road industrial estate and on the other side by the Golden Jubilee Hospital.

Clydebank Re-built has completed the decontamination of the site and provision of new roads, services and landscape to facilitate business space. The main enabling works  improve the road infrastructure through realigning Cable Depot Road and the creation of a new roundabout and public realm area to improve access and views to the river.

The new business platform extends to 4.5 acres and is capable of providing up to 12 individual pavilions up to a total of 90,000 sq ft.

Work is  now complete on the first pavilion by Clydebank Re-built, Change House, to provide a 2/3 storey building offering 12,000 sq ft of accommodation.

The ground floor has been acquired by a child care nursery provider, Nursery Times, in response to local demand for nursery places.

The new commercial area includes a public park, access to the riverside complemented with a new walkway along the full length of the business park. The focus in the park is the sculpture "change" by the young Scottish artist Hill Jephson Robb.

The main drivers for development were to create the infrastructure for new business premises, safe and easy access to the Hospital for pedestrians and to open up a public transport route.


Current status:

The infrastructure works were completed in December 2008 and change House was completed in 2010.



Pavilion , Change House, completed Spring 2010