Dumbarton Quayside Improvements

  • Dumbarton quayside as existing
  • Dumbarton Quayside
  • Enjoying the quayside

Lead Partner: West Dunbartonshire Council

Other Partners: The development of the project has involved various Council Services, the local police, West Dunbartonshire Greenspace and West Dunbartonshire Community Safety Partnership.


Project History
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  • Interpretation panel at Dumbarton Quayside
  • Enjoying the quayside
  • Boats at Dumbarton Quayside
  • Seating at Dumbarton quayside


Old Kilpatrick to Dumbarton, Dumbarton


The results of a public consultation for the Dumbarton town centre masterplan project revealed that many people view the quayside as an  important public space but are discouraged from using it because of its appearance.

Improvements are now underway to replace the existing bins and benches, improve visibility through works to trees and introducing amenity lighting, minor improvements to hard surfaces, and subject to funding, the introduction of interpretative signage.

Current status:

under construction