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Project History
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  • Scottish Maritime Museum
  • Detail of the museum exterior
  • The Scottish Maritime Museum is home to the Denny Tank experiment
  • Scottish Maritime Museum


Old Kilpatrick to Dumbarton, Dumbarton


The Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank was built in 1882. It is one of the last reminders of the shipyard of the innovative and famous Company William Denny and Brothers. The tank was built to test ship hull designs and retains many original features including a water tank as long as a football pitch.

The building in Dumbarton is part of the Scottish Maritime Museum. It has been refubished to provide a more attractive and prominent museum experience and further interpretation and development work is continuing.

The Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank is a fantastic demonstration of the skill and professionalism undertaken by Victorian ship designers. The building is now far more visible than it used to be and the new facade acts as more of a draw to visitors.


Current status:

The Phase 1 renovation works to the Denny Tank building are now completed; the work included re-facing the render to the building, new windows, new heating system, also repair and replacement of the roof to the tank, as well as improvements to the front of house area. The building is now more visible than it used to be , and the entrance to the Museum is now more welcoming in that it is  a brighter space.

The re-interpretation of Denny Tank is also now complete.

Fundraising will then take place for Phase 2, which will create improved visitor facilities and educational space.


2010 onwards


Phase 1 £350,000

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