St Gerard's

  • St Gerard's is complete
  • St Gerard's in Govan
  • New homes for Govan

Lead Partner: Govan Housing Association

Project Team: Crudens


Project History
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  • Former school site at St Gerard's in Govan
  • Site cleared and prepared for development
  • Work commences
  • Construction commences at the former school site
  • New homes for Govan
  • Construction continues at the former school site
  • St Gerard's is complete
  • St Gerard's in Govan
  • New homes for Govan
  • St Gerard's in Govan is complete


Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour, Govan


This new build mixed tenure development is located on the former school site at St Gerard's in Vicarfield Street, Govan, Glasgow.

The properties include housing for rent and outright sale as well as low cost housing via the Scottish Government's New Supply Shared Equity Scheme.  The development is Phase 2 of the St Saviour's, Dunsmuir Street project.

The development creates 81 units in total, including 5 wheelchair adapted properties, 12 Low Cost Homes for Sale, 35 re provisioning units for Glasgow Housing Association and 34 for rent.

The redevelopment of this site contributes to the regeneration of the Greater Govan area, complementing work that has already been carried out in the nearby Dunsmuir/Kintra Street development and the housing being created at the former St Saviour's School site.

The development also meets the following objectives from Glasgow City Council's Strategic Housing Investment Plan

  • To promote the regeneration of the City
  • To meet people's changing housing needs
  • To ensure equality of access to housing

Current status:



2012 - 2013