St Andrew's suspension bridge

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Lead Partner: Glasgow City Council

Project History
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Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow Green


During 2005, the St Andrew's suspension bridge was given a fresh coat of paint. This enhanced the works carried out in 1997, when the parapets and timber decking were replaced and the ornamental cast iron features of the Corinthian columns refurbished.

Repainting and landscaping works emphasised the St Andrew's theme.

The original bridge was built in 1856 and the engineer was Neil Robson. Its chains and deck are wrought iron, and the pylons are made of cast iron, each with four fluted Corinthian columns almost 20ft high.

Its construction was promoted by Bailie Harvey for the safer passage of factory workers who had previously used a ferry at the same location. The bridge provides an excellent viewpoint for watching the rowers from the clubs on Glasgow Green.

Current status:

Work was completed in summer of 2005.