Oatlands Regeneration

  • Houses at Oatlands on the south bank
  • Oatlands Square
  • Work will continue at Oatlands for some time

Lead Partner: Glasgow City Council

Other Partners: Bett Homes Link Group Glasgow Housing Association Glasgow Building Preservation Trust Locally-based organisations Local community

Project Team: Planners - Glasgow City Council Architects (Masterplan & Community Facility) - Page & Park Architects (Housing Design) - Holmes Partnership Engineers - URS Landscape Architects - Brindley Associates

Project History
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  • Oatlands' apartments
  • Oatlands' apartments
  • Aerial view of the Oatlands area
  • A street at Oatlands
  • New apartments under construction
  • Another new block of flats complete at Oatlands
  • Construction continues at Oatlands on the south bank
  • House building continues at Oatlands
  • New homes at Oatlands
  • Work will continue for some time to come


Glasgow City Centre, Gorbals


The regeneration of Oatlands is thought to be Scotland's second largest single community regeneration scheme with an eventual development value estimated at £220 million.

It involves the construction of approximately 1,290 houses; a major road diversion designed in a 'boulevard' form, completed in April 2010; ground remediation and preparation (including treatment of chromium waste and underground coal workings); a range of community facilities and about £2 million worth of improvements to Richmond Park.  The scheme is driven by (a) very significant planning gain in lieu of land value, (b) considerable community engagement and (c) realisation of an award-winning, very detailed overall planning brief in the creation of a whole new inner-city neighbourhood.

A third of the houses are currently complete or at some stage of construction, all with room sizes considerably larger than required by current building regulations.  Already finished are 144 houses for social rental by the Link Housing Association, and 69 by the Glasgow Housing Association, its first 'new-build' houses in the city.

There has been very extensive, positive community involvement in deciding the content and appearance of the scheme.  A steering group, chaired by a local councillor and attended by local residents, representatives of the developers, the housing associations, the council and other interested parties, oversees the project.   A community development trust is being formed to take responsibility for the area's community/business facility (being progressed by the Glasgow Building Preservation Trust), and a new grass-roots environmental group is adopting areas for planting and maintenance.

The layout recognises and applies the basic principles of urban design, as advocated in the Scottish Executive's policy statement, Designing Places.  A significant innovation was to take account of the local preference for the development character to reflect Scottish architectural style.

Sustainability is central to Oatlands - for example, the use of natural materials, high levels of thermal insulation and re-use of demolition materials are encouraged.  A new allotments site has been provided with another in the pipeline.

Once completed, the Oatlands neighbourhood will have a distinctive character, extending beyond the architecture to include consistency of road and path design, landscape, public art, street lighting and street furniture.  Such distinctiveness, together with anticipated community ownership of facilities and adoption of open spaces, should help foster civic pride and create a popular place that is 'sustainable' in the broadest sense.

Current status:

Under Construction


Work began on site in 2005. Completion expected between 2015 and 2018, dependant on house sales.