Riverside Cycle Link

A riverside cycle link will play an important part in ensuring that the Clyde Waterfront maximises opportunities to become a highly sustainable residential location, with good links to key employment locations such as Glasgow City Centre.

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  • Cycling at Glasgow Harbour
  • Cycling beside the Clyde

Green Network LogoKEY PROPOSALS:

  • Establishment of a riverside cycle link (National Cycle Route) between Glasgow Harbour and Glasgow City Centre
  • Modify the Kelvin Link (also part of the National Cycle Route) to run along the Kelvin Valley Park and connect to the new riverside link

This project is part of the Clyde Waterfront Green Network

Lead Partner: Clyde Waterfront

Project History
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  • Children cycling at Glasgow Harbour
  • Cycling beside the Clyde
  • Cyclists takes a rest at the Clyde
  • Cyclists at the Broomielaw
  • Cycling at Glasgow Green
  • Cycle off ramp from the expressway
  • Cycle lane on the expressway
  • Finnieston Street at the Clydeside Exprssway
  • Cycle lane




Focusing on the Clyde Waterfront, SUSTRANS has identified opportunities for future cycle provision along the north bank of the river corridor.

The existing National Cycle Route (Route 7) runs adjacent to the Clydeside Expressway, which is a busy four lane highway and the cycle link crosses this expressway at several large scale junctions. The first phase of the Riverside Cycle Link would be established between Ferryden Street and Stobcross Road connecting Glasgow Harbour and other residential locations to the wider National Cycle Network.

SUSTRANS is the UK's leading sustainable transport charity. As part of their role, the organisation provides information on existing sustainable transport resources within the UK. The organisation also identifies future opportunities for improvement of sustainable transport provision.


Current status:

Identified as a strategic project. Next steps to be agreed.


by 2020