Play parks for Oatlands

26 Mar 2013

Two new play parks are to be created at Oatlands, thanks to a major grant from the Big Lottery.

The Oatlands Development Trust was founded in 2011 with the  specific purpose of creating a community facility. Early on, the overwhelming need for a play park in the neighbourhood became obvious.

And now the trust aim to build two new play parks on a vacant piece of land, near to Richmond Park, which they hope will provide play provision for local children and a meeting point for local parents.

The separate play facilities - one for pre-school children and one for children of primary school age - are estimated to cost £282,000 in total.

The project took a major step forward this month when the Big Lottery granted the trust £250,000 towards their vision.

Peter Welsh, chairman of the Oatlands Development Trust, said: "We were set up overall as a strategic organisation, really we're quite broad in purpose and want to bring positive change to the community as well as meet the community's needs and aspirations."

In 1999, Oatlands was identified as being in need of comprehensive regeneration.

The subsequent development plans became Scotland's second largest single community regeneration scheme.

Once the Oatlands Regeneration is completed, there will be in excess of 1300 houses with an estimated 3000 people living in the area.




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