Lomondgate delivering jobs and investment

25 Jul 2013

New jobs, houses and local services are all contributing to the success of the regeneration project at Lomondgate on the edge of Dumbarton.

There has been significant and demonstrable progress with Lomondgate strengthening its role as an employment centre; residential area and stop off location for tourists and passers-by. A recent economic impact report deomonstrates the success of the development.

Lomondgate is now supporting more than 700 jobs and has already attracted £62 million of capital investment. The regeneration project  was set up following the closure of the J&B whisky bottling plant and the loss of 470 jobs in 2000.

The economic-impact study suggests Lomondgate has the scope to support around 1900 jobs by 2019.

David Hastings, Chief Executive of Strathleven Regeneration said, "The economic impact monitoring results confirm that a significant milestone has been reached as there are now more jobs at Lomondgate than existed prior to the closure of the J&B whisky bottling plant at Dumbarton, to which the Lomondgate project is a regeneration response.  The report also reveals that capital investment has reached £62 million - something which is all the more noteworthy when you consider that around £55million has been invested by the private sector since the financial crisis and there is no public capital funding in the project.

The bedrock of Lomondgate's success is partnership.  At its core is a partnership between Strathleven Regeneration and developers Walker Group (Scotland) Ltd.  Strathleven Regeneration, a social enterprise in the third sector, is itself a partnership of economic development & regeneration bodies West Dunbartonshire Council and Scottish Enterprise with local political and business leaders.  Lomondgate's location has also been key - a strategic site on the A82, close to both the Clyde Waterfront and Lomond & the Trossachs National Park; with easy access to Glasgow city centre, proximity to the airport, a great workforce catchment and a fantastic environment in which to live, work and play.  The strength of location is being matched by the quality of investor, with three FTSE 100 companies and the BBC on site."

Independent evaluations of the Lomondgate project from 2002 onwards have shown it has consistently generated positive economic impacts. Residential, industrial and leisure development has been completed and further developments are moving forward.

Despite difficult economic conditions, Lomondgate is among the most active development projects in the country. With an estimated lifetime investment of  £137 million it ranks in the top 100 regeneration projects in the UK and the top 5 in Scotland.