Finnieston Crane to become a musical instrument

14 Mar 2013

A major new installation will transform the Clyde's Finnieston Crane into a mammoth music instrument, as part of a GOMA exhibition.

An American sound artist who has worked on similar projects at San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris has visited Glasgow to oversee his plans for the Finnieston Crane on the city's waterfront.

The crane, built to hoist mainly steam locomotives onto ships for export along the Clyde, was famously featured on the cover of Deacon Blue's iconic "Raintown" album.

But now its "inner voice" is to be channelled by 65-year-old Bill Fontana for a major new installation at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, which will operate for 12 hours a day for several weeks from mid-April.

Silent Echoes is at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow from 18 April to May 3.

The £100,000 project is the first special commission instigated by the Glasgow Unesco City of Music organisation since the status was awarded five years ago.

Source: The Scotsman - Finnieston crane to become a musical instrument