Secured By Design developments cut burglary by 50%

26 Mar 2012

Local developers are being encouraged to aim for Secured By Design status for new developments, with research showing dramatic cuts in crime as a result.

Research shows that residents living on Secured By Design developments are half as likely to be burgled, two and a half times less likely to suffer vehicle crime. Secured By Design developments also show a 25% reduction of criminal damage.

The project supports the Home Office key aim of reducing crime and the fear of crime and one of the Government's key planning objectives: the creation of secure, quality places where people wish to live and work.

Designing out crime deals with concepts of reducing anonymity of the offender, territoriality; the relationship between private and public space, environmental design and physical security measures.

The Association of British Insurers has estimated that the introduction of Secured by Design standards across the UK would bring more than £3.2 billion worth of savings to the economy over 20 years. In one year alone, some 700,000 burglaries could be thwarted if appropriate security devices were installed, representing an annual saving of more than £1.97 billion.

Meanwhile, the cost of implementing SBD across various property types has fallen: 2010 figures suggest an investment of just £200 is required for a four-bedroom detached house, £170 for a three or two-bedroom detached house, £240 for a ground floor apartment and only £70 for an upper floor apartment.