George Square ice rink is biggest in Britain

26 Nov 2012

Forming the centre of Glasgow's Christmas festivities, the George Square ice rink is back again for winter revellers to enjoy over the festive season.

Christmas shopping is now in full swing in the centre of Glasgow. With the lights switched on and the biggest outdoor skating rink in Britain as the centrepiece of the Glasgow Loves Christmas campaign, the city is all set to make the most of the next few weeks.

Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson said: "This year there's a very substantial marquee and staging within the square. The programme is absolutely packed with events which are free, so you can come down with your children without feeling the particular pressure that you need to spend.

"Last year some 50,000 people used the ice rinks and we're expecting at least that same number this year.

"There will be music, lights, such a lot of fun to be had and the crib is also here as well for the children to come and see baby Jesus. All of the elements of Christmas will be packed into George Square and so will the people.

"With the exception of arguably the west end of London the best shopping in the whole of the UK is here."

The ice rink opened on Saturday and will be open for four extra days this year, so people can put on their skates at George Square right up to January 6.

Source: STV: George Square transformed