Big Launch at Govan Riverside

16 Jul 2012

Join in a celebration of the new community space at Govan Riverside this Friday as new artworks are unveiled and a new walkway opened.

The Big Launch on 20th July will be a demonstration of the potential of the Govan waterfront as a public space.

It will also be an key moment for the evolving community movement behind Water Row to make the case for a community-led development future for the site.

20th July marks the completion of an ambitious programme of environmental works for Govan Riverside led by GHA - these include the 18 month long public art project led by Matt Baker and t s Beall. This project has seen temporary works such as 'The Govan Raid' , 'Re-convening the parliament'and 'Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us' - on 20th of July a total of 15 new artworks will be unveiled in the public spaces of Govan Riverside, Harland Way will be officially opened (this walkway was named by local people as part of the project) and the Govan Showpeople's project Govan FairWay will be launched.

Come along to the family fun event which will run from 11 to 3 on Friday 20th July.