World War Z worth £2 million to Glasgow

23 Aug 2011

The impact of World War Z on the local economy is likely to be well in excess of £2 million. Filming for the latest Hollywood blockbuster is currently taking place in the city centre.

The major film production, World War Z, is currently on location in Glasgow. The  post-apocalyptic zombie movie stars Brad Pitt, with a cast and crew of about 1,200 people involved in shooting scenes in George Square and other city centre locations.

An open casting was held last month to recruit local people to star as zombie extras.

Although shot in Glasgow, the film is set in Philadelphia, so false shop fronts will be brought in and American cars will take to the city's streets.

Glasgow Film Office worked closely with the film over the past few months to help secure locations in the city and to ensure that arrangements are in place with council departments.

Michael Harm, Location Manager for World War Z, said: "We have been working very closely with the council and local residents and businesses. The positive feedback and support we are getting from all corners together with a real buzz of excitement around the city is terrific.  We are really looking forward to making this a success for both the city of Glasgow and the film."

Glasgow is the centre of the film and television production industry in Scotland, one which has contributed £150million to the city's economy over the last decade. Glasgow has consistently been best the performing city/region within Scotland, providing approximately half of the annual total national spend.

Source: Glasgow Film Office