Thumbs up for new Sanctuary Scotland homes

28 Jun 2011

Phase 1 of Sanctuary Scotland's new build development at Anderston is complete, with residents delighted with the new environment.

Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association has completed Phase 1 of an ambitious £50m regeneration project that brings Anderston homes into the 21st century and also encourages a sense of community.

All 104 new, energy-efficient flats and maisonettes in Argyle Street, Little Street and McIntyre Street have now been built. The mainly four-storey buildings have lifts to all floors, making the flats more accessible.

Every ground-floor flat and maisonette has a front and back garden, while traditional back courts look onto dedicated car parking spaces. The development was designed in conjunction with Strathclyde Police to maximise resident security.

The 1960s properties they replaced were - among other things - poorly insulated and badly laid out. With hundreds of the ageing flats still standing, the contrast with the new properties is stark.

Pat Quinn, who owns a 2-bedroom flat with wife Agnes, described his property as "terrific."

Pat, a milkman in his 50s, said: "We had our old flat for 20 years, and to come from that to this is tremendous.

"Our old flat was cramped, cold and had blue mould on the walls. I don't miss it at all.

"Our new flat is a good size and much warmer, even without the heating on. We can now get a table and chairs in our kitchen, which was impossible in our old place.

"Everyone we've spoken to agrees Phase 1 is fantastic."

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