Renfrew Town Hall on time and on budget

30 Mar 2011

A £5.2 million refurbishment project will be delivered on time and on budget, a council boss has promised. The pledge comes despite the 134-year-old Renfrew Town Hall being in a much worse condition than previously thought.

The project, which is due to be finished by the end of this year, aims to fully restore the key features of the building, illuminate the town hall and open a community museum.

Renfrewshire Council leader Derek Mackay said since work started it had been found the building needed extra attention to combat rot and additional masonry stabilisation to make it safe.

He added: "Years of ageing and rot had set into woodwork internally and the original masonry also needed to be secured, so extra works were completed to remedy this.

"Only intrusive works such as we have done would have revealed this and the extra spend on this is covered by other parts of the project being less expensive than first estimated."

Mr Mackay added: "The extent of the works will see the building through many generations to come, with the project still on budget and set to be open by the end of the year."

He said the action had saved the building and taken it back to the basic structure, maintaining and renewing the integrity of the building.

Source: Evening Times - We'll finish £5m town hall work on time and budget