New signage for Merchant City

05 Jan 2011

The Merchant City, one of Glasgow’s most historic quarters, has been transformed with new signs and street designs.

Glasgow City Council has won a Scottish Transport award for its recently created 'public realm' areas and the introduction of pedestrian signs in the Merchant City.

The public realm project revitalised an area around the former Sheriff Court building and "transformed historic settings and maximised tourist potential" in the area.

It aimed to, "creatively redesign" the streets once-dominated by traffic and turn them into pedestrian-friendly spaces for people to walk through, sit and enjoy.

The regeneration scheme began in 2005 and involved re-aligning the streets towards historic buildings, widening pavements and reducing car use by removing parking.

Pedestrian links were also improved to encourage the passengers to walk through retail areas and two medieval streets were improved using local stone and engraved pavement artwork.

The majority of the work has now been completed, but council chiefs say more innovative projects are in the pipeline.

Wilson Street will become the main pedestrian route leading seamlessly to the former Sheriff Court complex, Candleriggs and Merchant Square.

Virginia Street, meanwhile, will connect the shopping areas in Argyle Street to the newly revamped Ingram Street.

The prestigious Scottish Transport gong was awarded in the Walking and Public Realms category which also praised new signs given to the authority for free through a tie-up with private advertising firm Clearchannel UK.

Source:  Evening Times - Signs of Success for City