New river boat link from city centre to Braehead

21 Apr 2011

A new waterbus service has been launched on the Clyde, linking Glasgow city centre and the Braehead shopping centre and encouraging tourists and commuters to make use of the river.

Ferry operator Clydelink, which also runs the Renfrew to Yoker ferry, will run the route seven days a week from Yoker, stopping at Braehead, Plantation Quay at the Science Centre, and the Broomielaw.

There are also plans for the 12-seater service which will run six times a day to stop at the Riverside Museum which opens in June.

The announcement has been received as a welcome boost to plans to regenerate the Clyde and help encourage city centre shoppers and tour- ists to visit Braehead.

Braehead's general manager, Peter Beagley said: "The Clyde is a much under-used transport utility and we're happy to facilitate Braehead as an embarkation point for ferry services.

"Using the natural resource of the river as a transport route is sensible and is of benefit to the environment.

"We already have a great riverside destination for retail, leisure, business and homes here, so the next step is to use the river to get to and from Braehead."

The launch, planned for the summer, was brought forward as a result of the current good weather.

Source: Evening Times - New river boat link from city centre to Braehead