Renfrew Ferry service will keep running

26 Feb 2010

The passenger service that povides a vital link for local people between Renfrew and Yoker River Clyde is likely to continue despite SPT's recent decision to scrap the service from the end of March.

It was reported in the Evening Times  that Renfrewshire Council is confident that a new service will be in place on April 1, the day after Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) pulls the plug on the existing service.

People on both sides of the river were angry the ferry was being axed after SPT said last month it was to costly to keep going.

The decision to scrap it was justified by the need to make £2.5 million savings next year. Withdrawing the Renfrew Ferry saves £400,000.

|Talks with five commercial operators are underway with a view to finding a long term solution.

However, council officials believe that two or three of the firms are in a position to run a service from April.

The conclusion of Renfrewshire council's roads and transportation department is "It would be reasonable to assume that a replacement service is achievable by April 1 without the need for revenue subsidy."

Two firms are understood to be able to operate without subsidy and all five would run a smaller boat.

During February trials took place of an 'amfibus' by Stagecoach, which runs on land and water, and one other small boat belonging to Argyll-based Silvers Marine has also completed test runs.

It has still be be established which proider will take over the service.

Source: The Evening Times

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