Pressure on to firm up Fastlink plans

26 Oct 2010

Decisions are needed on funding to allow the Fastlink project to go ahead in time for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

SPT chairman Jonathan Findlay has indicated that funding for the Clydeside transport project should be reached as soon as possible if Fastlink is to be in place in time for the Commonwealth Games.

Reported in the Evening Times, Jonathan Findlay said, "SPT' has requested urgent clarification from the Scottish Government on how much funding it plans to allocate to the Fastlink initiative.

"SPT, Glasgow City Council, Renfrewshire Council, West Dunbartonshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow have been working together for some time to develop this strategically important, regional project serving both the north and south banks of the Clyde.

"We have already submitted a strong business case to the Scottish Government and our proposal highlights that a number of areas and sites to be served are Commonwealth Games venues."

"However it will take a mighty effort to deliver this for 2014 unless we get a clear direction on funding."

Source:  Evening Times - Question mark over third city transport link

SPT has a number of projects underway to upgrade transport ahead of the 2014 Games.

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