Next steps for flood prevention

15 Mar 2010

More than 10,000 tonnes of sediment are to be dredged from the river's bed before foundations are laid for a new pumping station.

The Paisley Daily Express reported the sight of a huge digger being lifted into position by the river, marking the second phase of the multi-million pound development, designed to protect 350 homes from surge tides which can add two metres to the Clyde's normal high tide level.

A council spokesman said: "During phase two we will dig out 10,000 tonnes of sediment to make way for the foundations for the new pumping station which is being built on the site. The dredging will be finished around December 2010."

The North Renfrew Flood Prevention Scheme is an important part of the strategy for protecting local communities.

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  • The digger in place, ready to start dredging works