Govan housing on the up

Central Govan Action Plan

15 Oct 2010

THE CGAP housebuilding programme is now in full swing, with more than 500 new homes under construction. The house building programme is transforming derelict land into attractive residential neighbourhoods and bringing a much-needed population boost to Central Govan.

Built to cater for a mix of incomes and household needs, the affordable new homes come in a variety of styles and sizes, and are available to rent, buy outright or purchase through a shared equity option. Prices start from £90,000.

The £68 m housing construction programme is funded by the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council, private finance and sales income - and delivered through the Govan, Elderpark and Bield Housing Associations.

Seven of nine sites originally earmarked for new housing in the Central Govan Action Plan are now being developed.

The sites at Harhill Street, Golspie Street, Govan Road, Rathlin Street, Broomloan Road and Garmouth Street are all at various stages of construction.

The Pearce Lane project, led by Bield Housing Association was recently completed on budget and ahead of schedule.

Demand for homes remains healthy. Selling agents note that buyers are often reserving and purchasing plots from the plans - a sign of continuing confidence in
Govan's housing market despite the bleak economic conditions.

A groundbreaking support package for first-time buyers is also helping to boost sales. Developed by leading housebuilder Cruden, in partnership with the Govan and Elderpark Housing Associations and Glasgow Credit Union, the "Unique Property Solutions" service provides tailored help and guidance for buyers.

By helping buyers overcome common purchase problems such as deposit or credit-rating issues, the service aims to ensure they are making a housing choice that is
affordable, sustainable and right for them in both the short and long term.

Source: Central Govan Action Plan Newsletter September 2010