Amfibus trial for Renfrew Ferry service

09 Feb 2010

from The Herald

The trial of an amphibious bus capable of travelling on water and roads has been taking place on the River Clyde.

The "amfibus" will undergo a two-day test and demonstration between Renfrew and Yoker.

The £700,000 Dutch-made vehicle can carry up to 50 passengers but will not be open to fare-paying passengers during the trial period, operators Stagecoach said.

Based on a bus chassis, the amfibus uses a hull that allows the vehicle to float.

While it operates like a normal coach on the road, when it is in water it is driven by twin water jets and can achieve a top speed of eight knots.

It is hoped that the new bus could replace the existing ferry service between Renfrew and Yoker, which is to be scrapped due to costs.

The 500-year-old service will stop running in March after operators Strathclyde Partnership for Transport said it needed to save money.

It would be the first use in the UK of an amfibus for commuters, as previously the technology has only been used for leisure and excursions, Stagecoach said.

The company has already carried out tests of the amfibus in Rotterdam.

Reproduced with the permission of the Herald and Times Group.

  • The Amfibus on The Clyde, by Carol McCabe courtesy of Stagecoach Buses

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