Water Space opportunity at Pacific Quay

07 Feb 2009

Expressions of interest are being invited for this development opportunity at the Canting Bay, part of the Pacific Quay development.

The current master plan is to develop the Canting Basin for marine or associated uses, creating a lively active waterspace that is both a draw for tourists and a positive amenity for its businesses and residents. However Scottish Enterprise is keen to ensure that the development is not constrained by this, and welcomes any creative and imaginative proposals that have a sound commercial grounding.

Ideally any development of the Basin should:

  • Encourage the basin to become a focal point for water based activities (and associated commercial activities such as sailing equipment and clothes retailers, cafes, restaurants etc.), in the heart of the Pacific Quay development.
  • Provide a unique environment for a high quality international leisure and residential development.
  • Ensure that the current service operated by Loch Lomond Seaplanes can continue to operate from the basin.
  • Provide an opportunity for the creation of private moorings, linked to any new development.
  • Potentially provide moorings for large ships coming up the River Clyde for special visits (e.g.
    'Tall' ships or military ships) and the annual Glasgow River Festival.

There is also potential for a dedicated water-borne transit system servicing the length of the River Clyde. Proposals for the development of the Canting Basin may wish to consider the future implications of the potential to operate ferries and river taxi services on the Clyde.

For further information please download the Canting Basin Water Space brochure.

  • Yachts moored in the Canting Basin during the Glasgow River Festival