Ready for Evolution

28 Jan 2009

by Gordon Thomson, Evening News

Not even the credit crunch can halt the continuing transformation of Glasgow into one of Europe's top metropolitan cities.

Workmen were busy in the city centre demolishing what was previously the Automobile Association's Scottish HQ.

Intercity House on the corner of Oswald Street and Argyle Street had become a city centre eyesore, despite sitting next to Hielanman's Umbrella and the grade A-listed Central Station.

Now workmen have flattened the building which is to be replaced by a prominent 21st century landmark.

Evolution House is costing £25million and is shaping up to be one of the city's iconic buildings.

Designed by architects Cooper Cromar for developers Edinburgh-based developer Buccleuch Property, it will feature an eye-catching nine-storey tall glazed tower, which will have a curved seven-storey facade clad in natural stone.

Evolution House will offer 71,000sq ft of office space while shops on the ground floor will take up 5500sq ft. Construction giant Sir Robert McAlpine is expected to complete building work next year.

Reproduced with the permission of the Herald & Times Group.

  • Empty gap site that will be home to Evolution

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Evolution Oswald Street
  • Evolution Oswald Street