Pontoon on the river at Clydebank

24 Aug 2009

An exciting new development at Queens Quay, the former John Brown shipyard site, is the completion of a fantastic pontoon capable of berthing up to four small vessels.  This work by Clydebank Re-built, the local urban regeneration company, charged to assist with the redevelopment of the town, was completed in June 2009. 

Currently, the MV Cruiser calls on days the Titan Crane is open to offer guests the opportunity for a trip down the river, followed by a visit up the 150ft, A' listed crane to admire the spectacular views from a different perspective and learn a little about Clydebank's proud and magnificent shipbuilding past.

The addition of the pontoon further enhances the profile of Queens Quay as a leisure, business and learning district.  It is anticipated for the future that many more leisure vessels will make use of the pontoon and breathe new life into this once illustrious part of the Clyde.

At this early stage, all visits must be booked in advance through the Clydebank Re-built - 0141 951 3420 (Mon - Fri, 9am-5pm)


  • Clydebank's new pontoon at Queen's Quay