Land deal keeps Aggreko in Dumbarton

18 May 2009

Aggreko, the world's leading temporary power and temperature control service provider, and Strathleven Regeneration Company, are negotiating a land deal which will keep the company's manufacturing operations in Dumbarton.

Aggreko has concluded that the site it has been considering on the Vale of Leven Industrial Estate is not big enough to cater for the Group's long-term requirements. Faced with the possible loss of a major international manufacturing facility and 250 highly skilled jobs in the Dumbarton area, Strathleven Regeneration Company moved rapidly to put forward the expansion area north of Lomondgate Business Park. 

A recent review of the Lomondgate masterplan made it possible to identify a site of up to 18 acres between the proposed business park and Chivas Brothers' Kilmalid facility.

John McFall said:  "It was crucial for the town and the economy that Aggreko remained in Dumbarton.  There has been full support from the board of Strathleven Regeneration Company and our development partners, the Walker Group, for this move."

Aggreko Chief Executive Rupert Soames said: "In assessing possible sites, we have to take a 20-year view, and we were concerned that we might ultimately need more space than was available in the Vale of Leven."

"We are a world-wide company but our roots are in Dumbarton and it means a great deal to us to be able to remain here as we have built up world-leading design, engineering and manufacturing skill base in Dumbarton."

Currently Aggreko Manufacturing is based on the Broadmeadow Industrial Estate, Dumbarton, where most of its fleet of rental generators and temperature control equipment are designed and manufactured, but the rapid growth of Aggreko's worldwide business over the last five years now means this facility is too small and production has to be spread around a number other sites in the West of Scotland.

Aggreko has plans to invest around £20M in the town over a three-year period and hope to create more than 100 new jobs. The plant will design, develop and manufacture power generators and temperature control equipment to be deployed around the world.

  • Aerial view of Lomondgate