Green light for Govan housing projects

02 Apr 2009

Vivienne Nicoll, Evening Times

House building projects worth almost £40million have been given the green light in Govan, Glasgow.

They come on top of a £14m development about to start in Harhill Street and a £12m scheme in the pipeline for Garmouth Street.

They bring the total value of housing to be built in the area to £66m.

The latest to get permission are four separate developments.

Govan Housing Association and Cruden Estates are to spend more than £14m building 102 flats and houses in eight blocks in Golspie Street and Shaw Street.

The association is also to spend £11m constructing 63 flats in three blocks at Govan Road, Orkney Street and Broomloan Road. One of these, the Gateway building, will be six storeys.

Govan Housing Association has also received permission to build 58 homes in three blocks in Wardrop Street/Rathlin Street at a cost of £7m.

A plan by Bield Housing Association to build 27 flats in one block at the corner of Pearce Lane/Pearce Street has also been approved. The development cost will also run into millions of pounds.

Steve Inch, Glasgow City Council's executive director of development and regeneration, said: "The Gateway building has been designed to act as a beacon establishing the regeneration of Govan as it is approached along Govan Road from the east."

Bield Housing Association specialises in housing for the elderly, with the aim of allowing them to live independent lives with high quality care and support.

Elaine Murray, the council's principal planner for the city centre and river, said the housing is the result of the Central Govan Plan drawn up in an attempt to regenerate the area.

She said: "The plan aims to get 1500 people back into the area which is absolutely crucial in terms of delivering regeneration.

"These developments are just the start. We've been working on this for four years and to see it start to come together is really something."

Local people are delighted with the planned projects.

Rhonda McKenna, 32, a support worker, said: "It is a very rundown area so this is a very positive thing."

Mary Rooney, 59, was taking her nine-month-old grandson Max for a walk near Golspie Street, where the homes will go up.

She said: "Govan is a mess, and needs something done. It will be great to see it being brought back to life again. It will help regenerate the place."

Dylan Park, 35, a quantity surveyor who has lived in the area all his life, particularly welcomed the development in Golspie Street.

He said: "It is one of the roughest parts of Govan and needs some investment. The housing will make a big difference because it is a rundown area at the moment."

Planning convener George Redmond said Govan was a key part of Glasgow's renaissance.

"It is hoped the private sector recognises the work we are doing and that there are opportunities for them in Govan."

Govan councillor Shaukat Butt described the area as "very badly rundown" and in need of a massive cash injection.

He added: "These houses will bring people back into Govan and there is a feeling of excitement in the area.

"Local people will be very happy when they see these developments going ahead because they are going to be beautiful."

Germaine Hahn, director of Govan Housing Association, said: "These are exciting times for the association. These developments will transform three under utilised sites.

"The Gateway Building next to the Subway and the Golspie Street development next to Elder Park will be landmark buildings."

Reproduced with the permission of the Herald & Times Group.

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