Esure announces 500 new jobs in Glasgow

18 Feb 2009


Insurance giant esure has announceld that it will create 500 new jobs in Glasgow.

The internet and telephone-based company, which has TV adverts fronted by film-maker Michael Winner, will recruit 250 new staff in the next 18 months and another 250 by 2014.

The expansion is a massive vote of confidence in the future of the International Financial Services District in the face of the global economic downturn.

First Minister Alex Salmond said the expansion had been secured by the "skills, expertise and commitment" of the workforce.

He added: "Today's news is a ringing endorsement of one of Scotland's greatest strengths - our human capital.

"While Scotland is not immune from the effects of recession we must not forget we have real strengths that will help our economy recover strongly."

"Not least of these is our outstanding workforce and global reputation for excellence in a number of key sectors including renewable energy, life sciences and financial services.

"esure's decision is a strong reminder that, despite the huge challenges that key financial services companies are facing across the world, there are parts of the sector, like pensions and insurance, which are continuing to perform strongly in Scotland."

Council leader Steven Purcell said the expansion was "fantastic" news and underlined Glasgow's status as a major UK centre for the insurance sector.

He added: "esure's decision to substantially expand its presence in Glasgow is testament to the availability and quality of the people it has employed here, since it became one of the first companies to locate in the IFSD back in 2001.

"The success of the IFSD to date has been delivered through a close working relationship between the public and private sectors and this will continue in the months and years ahead.", as we work to create the right infrastructure and environment, with the right support mechanisms, for employers in the city."

The firm's expansion is supported by a Regional Selective Assistance grant of £1.4million from the government.

Its chairman Peter Wood started the company in 2000 offering a range of insurance services over the internet and it now has more than a million customers.

Mr Salmond announced plans last week to create a financial service jobs task force to identify opportunities for future growth in the sector.

Reproduced with the permission of the Herald & Times Group.


  • Detail of Esure's offices in the IFSD by McAteer Photograph