Classroom on the Clyde

24 Sep 2009

About 120 Social Studies pupils and teachers from Holyrood Secondary, Glasgow, were amongst the first school children to experience a 'Classroom on the Clyde' river trip this week on board the MV Cruiser, which is sponsored by Clyde Waterfront Strategic Partnership.

It's the latest stage in the 'Clyde Waterfront Curriculum Resources for Schools' initiative, a unique education resource that brings to life the regeneration and career opportunities of the world renowned River Clyde for primary and secondary pupils across Scotland.

The curriculum resources project was launched originally last year by Clyde Waterfront, the strategic partnership responsible for coordinating and promoting the £5-6 billion regeneration of the Clyde. It features a substantial website, offering 200 lesson plans written by teachers for teachers, linking 12 themes of the Clyde with the Scottish curriculum, for example design a new bridge. Now, pupils and teachers can bring it all to life with a 'Classroom on the Clyde' river trip.

Operated by Clyde Marine Services Ltd of Greenock, each 'Classroom on the Clyde' trip on the MV Cruiser takes about two hours, allowing teachers and pupils the opportunity to view the regeneration of both river banks sailing from the SECC, Glasgow, past Braehead and Xscape to Clydebank's Titan Crane.

Commenting on behalf of the Clyde Waterfront Strategic Partnership, Mark Barton, Marketing Manager said, "We believe that the introduction of the 'Classroom on the Clyde' boat trips marks another important step forward for this innovative educational resource. Not only does it encourage young people to apply their learning in the context of their local area but we believe it adds value to the curriculum by enhancing classroom teaching and developing skills for life and work".

Marianne Brady, Principal Teacher of Social Studies, Holyrood Secondary School, said, "This was a fun day out for our pupils who learned a lot along the way. There is no doubt that this educational resource does a great job in raising awareness of the past, present and future of this vitally important artery for Glasgow and Scotland. Teachers across the country should be impressed also with the quality and volume of downloadable lessons available on the web site."

Moreen Smith, Education Advisor, Clydewaterfront Education said, "The 200 lesson plans are designed to deliver a Curriculum for Excellence and Determined to Succeed agendas and will support topics by bringing your curriculum to life, demonstrating relevance, engaging your pupils and maximising the impact of the topics you teach, delivering skills for life and work.  

"Clyde Waterfront's Curriculum Resources are at the leading edge for providing an education for a 21st Century, demonstrating very effectively that they are keen to support young people in their learning and involve them in the future of their area."

It is the first time a national regeneration project has been used to create a comprehensive teaching resource linked to the Scottish Government's Enterprise in Education programme in which business and education work together to give young people positive attitudes to work and life.

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