Japanese study waterfront's regeneration

02 Sep 2008

The £5.6 billion Clyde Waterfront project was the focus of a high powered group of executives, academics and researchers from Tokyo, the majority of whom work for the Waterfront Vitalization and Environment Research Centre (WAVE).

A 14 strong delegation, led by WAVE's Chairman Mr. Hideo Nakamura, visited Glasgow  to learn more about the renaissance of the Clyde and its communities.

WAVE was established in 1987 and conducts comprehensive, scientific studies and research, including the necessary planning and design stages, to develop techniques for making port and harbour areas more sophisticated and environmentally enriched.

Its findings are made available to form a comprehensive approach throughout Japan to waterfront and community development, environmental harmony and traffic improvement. The organisation is Government approved.

The Japanese delegation were given a presentation on the Clyde Waterfront's programme which as Scotland's No1 regeneration plan, has the potential to create up to 50,000 new jobs, provide 24,000 new homes and 900,000m2 of commercial, industrial and leisure space, over its 20-25 year lifespan.

They were also taken along the Clyde from Glasgow to Dumbarton on powerboats supplied by local operator Seaforce, to see for themselves some of the 200 plus projects that are reshaping its economy and environment.

Clyde Waterfront was the study group's only Scottish project on its itinerary which also included visits to London, Dover, Dublin and Paris.

Mark Barton, Marketing Manager of Clyde Waterfront, said: "The request by the WAVE delegation to witness and learn from the ongoing regeneration of the Clyde, underlines the international reputation of our project and what has already been achieved since its inception just a few years ago in terms of attracting new developers, high profile businesses and residents to the Clyde Waterfront area.

When professionals in the field of regeneration travel across the world to study what we are doing here in the West of Scotland, that gives everyone involved a sense of pride and achievement. We are in the process of creating a world class location and are more than happy to be used as a benchmark by others. We are delighted to welcome the WAVE delegation from Japan to Clyde Waterfront."

  • The WAVE delegates with Clyde Waterfront