Gone in 10 seconds - Gorbals flats demolished

02 Jun 2008

Evening Times

Almost 40 years of history was gone in less than 10 seconds as a pair of landmark Glasgow flats were demolished.


The two Gorbals tower blocks were razed to the ground yesterday morning with hundreds of people gathering to watch the dramatic event.

The blocks in Stirlingfauld Place were once home to up to 2000 people in the 552 flats. They were built between 1970 and 1973 at a cost of £1.8 million but it took £1m to demolish them.

And it was a day of mixed emotions for local residents. Caroline Carnochan, 41, grew up in the flats, living there for 27 years.

She said: "They were great flats we had good times there and I feel sad to see them go."

But Daniel McFadden, 73, who has lived in the Gorbals all his life, said: "I will be glad to see them go. They're going to renovate the area. It's a step forward."

A series of loud bangs in the area at 9.50am marked the end of the high-rise flats and the ground shook as the 23-storey blocks fell to the cheers of the crowds.

But as the clouds of dust which engulfed the area started to clear, it was time to look to the future, and the planned £350million regeneration of the site.

A total of 1600 homes are to be built, along with shops and offices.

Community facilities and a park are also promised.

The 40,000 tonnes of rubble created will be used during building work on the site.

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  • During the demolition