Classroom on the Clyde will support education site

16 Jun 2008


A floating classroom on The Kenilworth, operated by Clyde Marine Services Ltd, will be launched on the Clyde in 2009. The boat will be equipped with audio visual presentation facilities allowing teachers and pupils to cruise the river and see the changes along the 13km of the Clyde as they carry out their project research.


The opportunity to think of the Clyde as a classroom and explore the river by boat is the perfect complement to the Clyde Waterfront Education website, which provides teachers with over 200 lesson plans written by local teachers. The website resources are linked to the eight curricular areas and themed around twelve aspects of activity relevant to the regeneration of the river.


Created, developed and funded by Clyde Waterfront, the strategic partnership responsible for coordinating and promoting the £5.6 billion revival of the Clyde, the website was launched on Monday 16 June by Communities and Sports Minister Stewart Maxwell MSP.


The Clyde Waterfront Curriculum Resources for Schools initiative is tailored to complement the school curriculum and provides a wide-ranging web-based educational resource for teachers which will be used to connect pupils with the dramatic developments taking shape along the river. The website was created for Clyde Waterfront by Innovation Digital.



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