Major expansion in Glasow gives HML the resources to continue its strong growth

08 Jul 2007

HML has taken possession of new office accommodation in Glasgow's Skypark business complex to provide space for up to 425 new jobs, which will help facilitate further significant growth of the company's business.  This represents a major expansion of HML's presence in Scotland, alongside the company's other operating units in Skipton (North Yorkshire), Padiham (Lancashire) and Derry (Northern Ireland).

A Regional Selective Assistance Grant of £1.6million has been offered by the Scottish Executive in support of the new project.

Damian Stansfield, Operations Director, HML, says: "HML has ambitious growth plans as increasing numbers of lenders look at outsourced solutions as a better way of servicing their mortgage books.  From our existing small operation here, which employs 75 people, we know that Glasgow and its surroundings offers a plentiful and talented workforce, and upsizing our business unit in Scotland is an important milestone for us as we grow the company.  I'd particularly like to thank Scottish Enterprise for their help and support."

Denis Taylor, Senior Director of Trade & Investment at Scottish Development International; "The remarkable expansion of the financial industry in Scotland over the last few years has been fuelled by its attractiveness in terms of skills, property and because the public and private sectors are working so well together in developing and marketing Scotland as a location for these operations.

"Already half of the world's top twenty financial services companies have significant operations in Scotland and this project and I wish the team at HML every success in the future."


Notes to editors

Homeloan Management Limited is the UK's foremost provider of systems and process outsourcing solutions to the mortgage sector.  Handling assets of over £48 billion for over 40 clients, HML is based in Skipton, North Yorkshire and employs over 1,800 people in Skipton, Padiham, Glasgow and Derry.  It was formed in 1988 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Skipton Building Society.

About Regional Selective Assistance

Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) is the main national scheme of financial assistance to industry.  It provides discretionary grants for investment projects that will create or safeguard jobs in Assisted Areas - areas designated for regional aid under European community law.  The scheme is administered by the RSA Scotland unit of the Scottish Executive.  Payment of RSA is made in instalments, typically over several years, provided that job and project expenditure targets are met.  The amount quoted above represent the maximum grant potentially payable if the project is satisfactorily completed.  Job numbers are based on the firms' forecast at the time a grant is offered, and are subject to change depending on future economic conditions and other factors affecting the business concerned. For further information on the scheme, go to

About Scottish Development International

Scottish Development International works to attract inward investment and knowledge to Scotland in order to help the economy grow. SDI also works to help Scottish companies do more business overseas and to promote Scotland as a good place to live, work and do business. It is jointly operated by the Scottish Executive and Scottish Enterprise. Its work is guided by the global connections theme of the Scottish Executive's Smart Successful Scotland strategy for economic development in Scotland.

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