Clyde to get new slipway

10 Dec 2007

Evening Times, by Vivienne Nicoll

A £2million slipway is to be built near the new Riverside Museum to help bring life back to the River Clyde.

It is hoped the project, which is expected to get the go-ahead next week, will help further regenerate the area by increasing the number of boats using the Clyde.

The slipway could also spark the return of the Govan ferry which last operated in 1982.

And it would be a major boost for the annual River Festival which each year attracts thousands of spectators.

City council development and regeneration director Steve Inch wants a slipway built at the mouth of the River Kelvin where it meets the Clyde.

Experts looked at other locations but Pointhouse in Partick proved to cost around £1m less than the alternatives.

The public will be able to tow their boats to the new slipway and launch them regardless of the tide.

Vessels taking part in the River Festival, which are presently launched at Inchinnan around nine miles away, will also be able to use the new facility.

A council spokeswoman said: "Having to launch at Inchinnan causes organisational problems because the vessels have to take into account how long it will take them to travel up river.

"The slipway will also improve safety because it will also be used by rescue vessels, will be available for the public to use free of charge and will help the Clyde Maritime Trust which will have a workshop beside the new museum."

A feasibility study is to be launched into providing a pedestrian ferry service between the Riverside Museum on the north bank and Govan on the south.

The former ferry ran a free service for pedestrians for half a century.

If the slipway plan is approved, it should be operational by the time the new museum opens in 2010.

Anderston/City Labour councillor Gordon Matheson said: "We currently have no slipway on our great river but it is essential if we are to introduce new ferry crossings and pleasure craft."


Reproduced with the permission of the Evening Times (Glasgow) © Newsquest (Herald & Times) Ltd.

  • Artist's impression of Riverside Museum, image supplied by Glasgow City Council

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