Arts hub project to transform shabby shops for community

05 Mar 2007

Evening Times, by Sarah Swain

Dilapidated shops in a run-down part of the city are being transformed into an arts hub.

The Portal project will take over shop units on Govan Road in Govan for the benefit of the community.

Govan Housing Association, arts organisation Roots in the Community, and media production company Plantation have joined together to work on the three units.

From August artists will be able to work and display in them, and classes in art media including media production are planned.

It's hoped residents can use it as a stepping stone to work.

Germaine Hahn, director of Govan Housing Association, said: "The corner will be totally transformed as the shops have been dilapidated for 20 years.

"There is a number of arts and media and digital campuses moving to the area, so we felt this would be an ideal shop front to exhibit and to allow more uptake of the arts."

A projector able to shine illuminated messages on to the pavement will be installed and artists' work will be hung on rails at the front.

The organisers see the The Portal as a gateway' to changing their area.

The project was funded partly by Central Govan Action Plan set up to revive the area with help from Communities Scotland, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency, Govan Housing Association, Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Enterprise Glasgow.


Reproduced with the kind permission of Sarah Swain.

  • Artist's impression of the Portal by Colin Begg for Govan HA

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