Clyde Waterfront appoints new Chair

27 Mar 2006

Steven Purcell, leader of Glasgow City Council, has been appointed Chair of the Clyde Waterfront Board, established to oversee the delivery of Scotland's largest urban regeneration programme.

Councillor Purcell's appointment, with immediate effect, was confirmed today (Monday 27 March) at a meeting of the Strategic Partnership Board.

The massive Clyde Waterfront regeneration programme is at the heart of the economic and social transformation of communities along 8 miles of waterfront on each side of the river from Glasgow Green to Erskine and involves more than 160 projects.

The strategic importance of the project was highlighted in the recent Scottish Executive policy statement 'People and Place: Regeneration Policy In Scotland' which positioned a joined-up, imaginative approach to economic and community regeneration at the centre of its strategy to remove the barriers that prevent people and places from realising their full economic potential.

The Clyde Waterfront public sector partnership includes the Scottish Executive, Scottish Enterprise, Communities Scotland and the three local authorities representing Glasgow, Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire.

The role of Clyde Waterfront is to facilitate a cohesive approach to the 15 year programme which has the potential to secure an estimated 33,000 jobs and the objective of creating a world class location for people and business.

Deputy First Minister and Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Nicol Stephen said:  "The transformation of this prime waterfront location with vibrant communities and successful businesses, requires commitment, courage and common purpose.

"The partnership approach adopted by Clyde Waterfront builds on these qualities, recognising each project as having a vital role in the strategy of creating a strong Scottish economy free from deprivation and bursting with opportunity."

"This appointment emphasises again the strong partnership commitment to delivering this major project.  I congratulate Steven Purcell on his appointment and wish him and the Board every success."

Communities Minister Malcolm Chisholm who welcomed Councillor Purcell as the new chair at the meeting said:

"We have a whole new focus shared by the Executive and our key partners to rebuild strong vibrant communities and enable everyone to share in the new prosperity. Steven has brought considerable energy and commitment to delivering this and I am sure he will make an enormous contribution as chair of the board."

"The appointment of Steven Purcell as Board Chair re-emphasises the strong partnership commitment to delivering this extraordinary project and I congratulate him on his appointment and wish him and the Board every success for the future."

Steven Purcell, said: "It is an enormous privilege and challenge to Chair Clyde Waterfront. It is also an exciting opportunity to help create something very special by reinvigorating a mighty river, its communities and most importantly by providing opportunity for its people to realise their potential."

"A new current of confidence is sweeping along the banks of the Clyde. New homes, new offices, new leisure amenities are appearing and more will follow, changing the skyline and supporting a new economy and era of opportunity. Cities and towns that fail to adapt simply become museums of their past rather than centres of creativity, and enterprise. A great deal has already been achieved by the Clyde Waterfront partnership and I wish to pay tribute to the role played in that success by my predecessor Professor Neil Hood. He was a man of vision, knowledge and courage."

Peter Kearns, Executive Director of Clyde Waterfront, said: "I am delighted to welcome Steven Purcell as Chair of our Board. He has the dynamic and innovative leadership qualities that are essential to successfully guiding this vast and complex project to its ultimate aim of revitalising the River Clyde and creating a world class location where people, communities and businesses can prosper."


Editor's notes

Clyde Waterfront is a public sector partnership established to promote and facilitate the implementation of the River Clyde's regeneration as a world class waterfront location. The project will be a key driver of Scotland's economic development in the 21st century. A 15 year plan has been developed to transform the environment, communities, transport infrastructure and economy along the river from Glasgow to Greenock in the largest project of its kind to be undertaken in Scotland. The partnership involves the Scottish Executive, Glasgow City Council, Renfrewshire Council, West Dunbartonshire Council, Scottish Enterprise and Communities Scotland. Visit for further information.

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